Business Lessons From A Toddler – Minus The Meltdowns

This concept came to me one day, as my 2 year old repeatedly jumped up and down in front of me, screaming snack! snack! snack! I want a snack! Refusing to take no for an answer… snack! snack! snack! Pleeeeease Mommy! Snack!

Man, I thought… if only we had this much damn persistence as entrepreneurs… who knows what we would accomplish!!

And it doesn’t stop at persistence.

Toddlers really can teach us ALOT about business… as funny as that might sound.

Check it out.

Toddlers rarely take ‘no’ for an answer. They push the boundaries… and push… and push… and push… until their Moms and Dads either give in or divert their attention.  As annoying as it is, you’ve gotta give them credit.

Toddlers are high energy! They never freaking stop!!! My daughter goes from 8am when she wakes up to 10pm like the energizer bunny. It really blows my mind. As parents we always say, if we just had a fraction of that energy… we would be golden! The reality is, when you are operating in your gift space… meaning you are living out the true purpose you were put on this planet to fulfill, you DO jump out of bed in the morning ready to tackle the day! When you are serving a mission that’s bigger than yourself, people are counting on you, waiting for you, to jump out of bed and change their lives that day. So take a lesson! If you can’t get yourself out of bed in the morning, you’ve probably a) been up with a baby all night or b) you’re probably not doing what you love. And if you fall into category b… change it!

Toddlers are naive. That’s right, they are naive. They believe what you tell them, and know no boundaries to what is possible. In business, you’ve got to have a healthy level of naivety…. that when people say it’s not possible, you say “just watch me sucker”. Dare to dream, believe that it’s possible. If your goal seems too big or outrageous to achieve, be naive enough to believe it’s possible.

Toddlers have an incredible imagination. Parallel to their naivety, not only do they think it’s possible but they will come up with the most creative ideas. They never accept the status quo because they don’t know the status quo. So for just a moment, imagine how you would run your business if you didn’t follow the status quo. How can you stand out in your industry by being different?

Toddlers have a keen sense of awareness. IMG_3888Just when you think they aren’t paying attention, they repeat every word you just said (oy!). My 1 year old daughter has a trach. We’ve never specifically showed our 2 year old how to care for our daughter with the trach, but wouldn’t you know one day, she took her babydoll with a trach (Christmas gift) and laid it down beside where we take care of her little sister, and perfectly re-enacted suctioning the babydoll. Blows my mind. This is stuff that nurses are trained to do… and my 2 year old has it figured out. They don’t miss a beat… and neither should you.

Excitement. Toddlers are Excited!!! They don’t know why, they just ARE. Ask them if they want a lollipop, they will react like you just promised them a trip to the moon. The hope and excitement that shines in their eyes inspires the hell out of me. I don’t know about you, but my toddler reminds me to be excited and love the simple things in life!

Those are all of the amazing qualities that toddlers can teach us about business. This last topic I’ll cover isn’t such a great quality of toddlers but one we can certainly learn from. Toddlers have a habit of having meltdowns. Primarily, because of that darn quality of persistence shining through, sometimes a lack of sleep, not feeling well, or just plain testing the waters. Regardless, we can learn from them. As entrepreneurs we must keep our emotions in check. We will have good days, and we will have bad days. Great moments and shitty moments. But the faster you can acknowledge and release the trigger that’s making you feel that way, the better.

Drama, attention seeking behavior, and being overly emotional will undercut your reputation and your business faster than you can snap your fingers. So go ahead and acknowledge your defeats, celebrate your victories, but most importantly, keep a level head.

I hope you’ve learned a thing or two about business lessons you can take from a toddler!

Persistence,   High Energy,   Naivety,   Imagination,   Awareness,   and Excitement are all Toddler qualities that will serve you well in business.

When you can embody those qualities and avoid Meltdowns you’ll be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way!

Did you enjoy this post? Did it spark a memory of yours? Can you relate to having a toddler that teaches you lessons almost daily… some of which can be applied to business?

We’d love to hear your feedback! Please leave us a comment below about lessons you’ve learned from your toddler, for better or worse! Bonus points for juicy stories… ok, ok just kidding… but we would really like to hear the juicy stories!

Here’s to you mama, Making It Happen,



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  1. says

    Amanda – Right on, Momma! I would like to add “Reslience” to the list of entrepreneur-imitates-toddler list! When you hit a wall, either turn around or color on it!

  2. says

    Love, love, love this Beautiful! What a way to connect situations we as Mom’s are naturally frustrated with and bring to light the powerful learning lessons we can receive from them! Definitely one of my fav posts so far! Lots of love!

  3. says

    As the mom of two kid entrepreneurs, I know exactly what you mean. I love this analogy, because we are born with amazing gifts and traits and sometimes we let “the world” tell us we are not okay the way we are, when we were born with what it takes. Love your post!

  4. says

    This post made me smile Amanda.

    Mine is a teenager now (a whole different set of challenges and therefore wisdom to gain at this age), but what I love about younger kids (and the lessons they have to teach us) is their willingness to follow their curiosity (regardless of what others think) and to ask for (and be open to receiving) help.

    I think as we ‘grow up’ we feel pressured to conform and believe that independence means doing it all on our own. It’s some of the learning that we need to re-consider if we want to free ourselves to create a life that feels like a good fit for us.

  5. TERRY says

    As a grandma of a toddler and a 4 yr old ( who is babysitting while baby #2 makes her arrival ) I can relate fully and would never have thought of it this way. How adorable that your two year old plays the way she sees you parenting. You are a busy Mom .. will have to read more of your blog.

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