Lawn Mowers, Baby Naps, and Seeking Progress Over Perfection

Stepping wayyyy out of my comfort zone on this one!

Have you ever struggled with moving forward in your business, or on a project because you were fearful?

Fearful of what others would think, fearful that it wasn’t good enough, fearful that you would be criticized?

I’ve been there before, I think we all have if we have the guts to admit it. So today, I’d love to share my 2 cents with you on the importance of progress over perfection. I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve in this video in a way that I rarely do. But as a Mom Making It Happen – I know that honesty and transparency are essential for growth… and for inspiring others.

Check out today’s video!

So share a time, when moving forward despite not having everything perfectly ready to go, worked in your favor. It can be a specific example or more general, whatever comes to mind.

I’m honored to be here with you Mama!
Making It Happen, together!



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    I can totally relate! I’ve had to overcome the trap of perfectionism as well. With 2 kids and 2 businesses, we just gotta get er done!

    Well said Amanda:)

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