Moms Mean Business Club


Cutting Edge Business Coaching For Moms With Young Children

What Is The ‘Moms Mean Business’ Club?

An exclusive community of amazing moms who are 100% committed to Building a Business that Rocks while Having a Family Life they Love.

As Moms Making It Happen we realize that the success of our business only goes as far as the happiness of our household. That’s why we’ve created the Moms Mean Business Coaching Club. This cutting-edge program is designed specifically for the mom with young children, juggling not only the role of motherhood, but simultaneously building her dream business.

Our 4 Essential Pillars:

check-mark-mdCOACHING –  
With our cutting-edge business coaching, we’ll help you create a business you love, position you as the expert within your niche, develop your monetization blueprint, and provide you with innovative product creation and marketing strategies. Most importantly, we’ll help you implement productivity strategies that will allow you to have a booming business and a happy home.

check-mark-mdCOMMUNITY -  
As a member of our exclusive community you’ll have a built-in support system of moms who totally ‘get’ the challenges and struggles you are facing along your entrepreneurial journey. You’ll have the ability to network and form joint venture partnerships with other high-level mom entrepreneurs, and receive an all-access pass to our community masterminds where you’ll receive honest feedback on your business, leading to faster results and increased profits.

check-mark-mdCONFIDENCE –  
That’s right, we’re going to help you get your swagger back. Success is directly correlated to the way a woman feels about herself and her abilities. That’s why it’s important to us, to help you be healthy on the inside, look your best on the outside, and have a bulletproof mindset in your mission and abilities. We mean business, when it comes to helping you make it happen.

check-mark-mdCHARITY -  
You can’t give to charity when you are the charity case. Learn how to run a business with purpose by incorporating support for the charities and causes that you are passionate about within your endeavors. Use your voice to raise awareness and leave your mark on the world.


Who Belongs In This Club?

This program is for mom entrepreneurs, both aspiring and experienced who Mean Business when it comes to creating the Business and Lifestyle of their dreams.

These are women who want to:

105350-3d-glossy-orange-orb-icon-business-light-bulb2-sc52   THINK BIG
105248-3d-glossy-orange-orb-icon-business-clock5-sc44   Work Harder but For Fewer Hours
104836-3d-glossy-orange-orb-icon-alphanumeric-dollar-sign   While Making More Money
104843-3d-glossy-orange-orb-icon-alphanumeric-icon_091Take The Guesswork Out Of Having A Successful 6 Figure+ Business
106106-3d-glossy-orange-orb-icon-people-things-people-mother-child1-sc43Be Present For Their Loved Ones
105340-3d-glossy-orange-orb-icon-business-key11-sc48Unlock Their Full Potential As Mothers And Businesswomen
105593-3d-glossy-orange-orb-icon-culture-heart-3d-sc44Be Passionate About Their Work
105588-3d-glossy-orange-orb-icon-culture-globe-rotateGive Back and Leave Their Mark On The World


How Will This Change Your Life?

Look, we understand how difficult it is to launch, sustain, and grow a business while maintaining a happy and flourishing family life, especially with young children. We know how crazy busy your schedule is, and the massive amounts of time you spend wasting, trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

It’s  hard enough being a mom and an entrepreneur. It’s time to take guesswork out of the equation, be supported by an amazing community of like-minded women, have a powerful network at your fingertips, and design your passion based business around your life.

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine…

You work 3 days a week, doing high level, and intensive, yet fulfilling work. You are changing lives. Money flows into your bank account with the snap of your fingers through the many streams of income you have set up. You earn multiple six figures each year.

When you aren’t working, you have the time freedom to do fun things with your children, travel to amazing places – for work or play, take care of yourself spiritually and physically, and live a full and fulfilling life.

Feels good, right?

The best news yet, is that it’s 100% possible. However, without the right support systems, accountability, and resources in place, the likelihood of that happening is slim.

So you decide… Are you READY to change your life? Are you READY to start stepping into your full potential and living out your dreams?


Then let’s do it!


What Will I Get

Purple-pentagram-icon-11061827163 Monthly Group Coaching Calls  - Learn specific skill sets on topics such as marketing, copywriting, productivity, list-building and more from Amanda and renowned guest speakers.

Purple-pentagram-icon-1106182716Monthly Q&A Session - Get your questions fully answered in a  laser focused mastermind Q&A session with Amanda.

Purple-pentagram-icon-11061827162 Monthly 1-1 Calls with Amanda – Develop your success strategy for the month.  Set your goals, track your progress, uncover hidden challenges that are stopping you from moving forward, and create strategic high-level business plans to stay on track.


Unlimited Email Support – Get direct access to Amanda’s private email and receive answers to your burning questions immediately.

VIP Day Experiences -
 All club members receive a significant discount on VIP Days with Amanda and the Moms Mean Business Team. Ask us today for details.

Purple-pentagram-icon-110618271624/7 Support - Access to our Private Moms Making It Happen Facebook Group – where the high level masterminding, networking, and joint venture partnerships are formed.

Purple-pentagram-icon-1106182716Access - to all ‘Moms Mean Business’ Approved Resources and Niche Experts.

Purple-pentagram-icon-1106182716Opportunity – to be featured as a guest blogger on

*All calls are recorded and come with the program


30 Strategies We Will Cover

Creating Your Brand
Packaging and Pricing Your Product
Launching Your Product
Sales and Follow Up
Google Hangouts
Ideal Customer Avatar
List Building
Image Consulting
Having A Website That Sells
Virtual or Telesummits
Health and Nutrition Tips
Writing Great Copy
Email Sequencing
Workouts for Winners
The Importance Of Your Story
Webinars That Sell
Your Unique Sales Proposition
Video Marketing
Checks for Charities


What Is The Price


Get 1 Month Free by paying $2,500 for your 6 month membership up front or break it up into monthly payments of $500.

(*6 month minimum contract required)

LIMITED TIME ONLY – 3 Month Membership – Just 5 Spaces Available

Pay $650 one time (save $100) or $250 per month


How Do I Get Started

Click the “Join Now” button below to purchase your membership and congratulations on taking a huge leap toward Making It Happen in your Life and Business.


OR Click Here to PAY MONTHLY 

What Others Are Saying

Amanda Marie has been a integral part of my Success, I would not be where I am at today if it were not for her guidance, partnership and mentorship. In the last 4 years that I have known Amanda because of her Incredible Leadership and Heart I have been able to come from a Single Mom in1497868_10203739285781666_58329274383519828_o Poverty to Multiple Six Figures. Amanda is definitely someone you will want to lock arms with and have her guidance in your life. I come from experience as she has forever changed mine.              Jenn May


Amanda Marie is an exceptional business partner, friend and mentor. I can’t say enough about how much I value her leadership and guidance in my life, and the lives of our team members. Her presence in my life has solidified that I’m exactly 969191_10201041063216224_1588595972_nwhere I need to be and I attribute much of my success and strategies to Amanda. Some key things you can expect when working with her: Consistency, Accountability, Calculated Guidance, and most importantly… Big Results.                    Molly Dalbec

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