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I'm Amanda, and I'm SO happy that you're here! I'm a wife, special needs mom, optimist by nature, and most importantly, I LOVE sharing the things I've learned in hopes of helping other moms. So grab a cup of coffee... or wine...and enjoy the blog! Read more about me HERE.

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So what is it that makes us truly happy? From my experience, I believe it is whether or not we are living in alignment with our personal values. Society wants us to think that all happiness and joy comes from a huge bank account and all the fame and recognition. Well that might be true […]

Time is a BIG thing for us moms. It can be so hard to find time for ourselves between ubering children, running households, and trying to maintain great relationships with our spouse and loved ones.  While I will argue another day that we can CREATE time to do what’s most important, today I’ll share my […]

I’m a really good sprinter, but I’m no good at long distance running. Just look at my build, I’m too muscular to run long distances. I sprinted in high school, that’s all I know. Why would ANYONE want to run further than a mile? That’s crazy. And so went the voice inside my head for […]

No, not my phone, but definitely a close second. Not my mascara either, but that’s high on the list.   Wanna take a guess?   I would be a nutball of anxiety if I didn’t have my…

If you have a medically complex child or loved one, then you can relate to how life altering the experience of being in an intensive care unit is, especially for the first time, and ESPECIALLY when you are postpartum.  Like… all the hair raising mama bear instinct senses, zero sleep, not leaving your child’s side, […]

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