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I'm Amanda, and I'm SO happy that you're here! I'm a wife, special needs mom, optimist by nature, and most importantly, I LOVE sharing the things I've learned in hopes of helping other moms. So grab a cup of coffee... or wine...and enjoy the blog! Read more about me HERE.

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Somewhere between getting the kids to roll out of bed, put clothes on, eat breakfast, argue over wearing sneakers instead of dress shoes for gym class, remembering to give them money for the book fair, and pack their lunches… without leaving the kitchen looking like a tornado hit it, things can get crazy in the […]

School is tough man! Whether you have a Kindergartener or a 9th grader, they come up against new situations every day. As moms, we hope that we’ve done a good job and that they face each situation with confidence in themselves and compassion for others. One of my favorite rituals that I do with my […]

I’m a really good sprinter, but I’m no good at long distance running. Just look at my build, I’m too muscular to run long distances. I sprinted in high school, that’s all I know. Why would ANYONE want to run further than a mile? That’s crazy. And so went the voice inside my head for […]

If you have a medically complex child or loved one, then you can relate to how life altering the experience of being in an intensive care unit is, especially for the first time, and ESPECIALLY when you are postpartum.  Like… all the hair raising mama bear instinct senses, zero sleep, not leaving your child’s side, […]

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