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My Favorite Morning Ritual with My Kids

School is tough man! Whether you have a Kindergartener or a 9th grader, they come up against new situations every day. As moms, we hope that we’ve done a good job and that they face each situation with confidence in themselves and compassion for others.

One of my favorite rituals that I do with my kids, is to say affirmations in the car before they hop out to face the school day.

Yes, sometimes they give me attitude. The little one refuses to participate and the oldest mumbles along. But sometimes, they are excited about it and giggle their heads off as they make up their own affirmations. Sometimes, I play Youtube videos of kids saying affirmations and we listen to that on our way to school. Sometimes I say them and they repeat after me, or I have them each say their top 3 for the day. And sometimes, I completely forget because let’s face it, #mombrain.

We switch it up all of the time, but here are some of our favorite affirmations.
Keep in mind, I have grade school kids, feel free to adjust based on age!

I am smart!
I am strong!
I am beautiful!
I am brave!
I am healthy!
I am speedy! (my oldest loves to run)
I’m a good friend!
I’m a good listener!
I try my best!
I am creative!
I am honest!
I ask good questions!
I can do anything I put my mind to!
I am love!

If you have any favorite motivational or personal growth rituals that you do with your kids, we’d love to hear about them! Please share in the comment section below!

Cheers to Making It Happen Mama!




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